Tivoli Gardens (Denmark)

Tivoli Gardens (Denmark)

Situated right in the heart of Copenhagen, just opposite the railway station, the Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park we actually know. Tivoli Gardens, the entertainment park since 1843, is the second oldest amusement park in the world. In other words, while ipe put a pillow in our tree and sway, the guys even set up a koskoca funfair 🙂 This is the fourth most visited amusement park in Europe and it also leaves the other amusement parks in the middle of the city. It’s been great for us that Tivoli is only 5 minutes away from our hotel, as we have traveled many kilometers for each park we went to.

We come out from the train station and face the entrance gate, Tivoli, the Queen of Denmark’s 60th birthday is also important for the city because of the celebration here. The park was opened in 1843 on the fortifications in the south of the old city. The remains of the old dungeon have been transformed into a lake that is visited by boats. Well done well. Now, while the children’s laughter is rising in the field of fortune, the lovers in the lake in front of them are going on a sandal trip and having romance. We want to live this romanticism but what is happening when we are children !!! Hele and the fried cheeks of ours are not the freezing cold outside, but 40 degrees fire!

When we went to the Park, it was quite crowded because of Christmas and I am sure it was cheerful and beautiful compared to other times. Though the entertainment in Tivoli Gardens is pretty salty, I think you should not go away when you’re gone. The entrance to the Tivoli Gardens is 110 Danish Kronu, which is about 17 Euros according to the time rule we went to. Although it seems cheaper to think that Disneyland and Universal Park we went to before were 100 Dollars, it is not so much a digging foot. Because every toy you have inside is 25K, 50K or 75K. Daily wristbands are sold for those who spend long hours in the park and want to ride many games.

It is possible to take advantage of all kinds of activities for free all day, if you pay an additional 220 Kron, ie 35 Euros, to the park entrance fee. If you wish, they will also be able to enter and exit the park during the day, paying an extra fee. Although the park is open until 12 pm, the toys inside are closing sooner.

It would be beneficial if you acted with this. It took quite a while for us to get the bracelets half an hour before the toys shut down. I said I would do two cheetahs, but not around, of course. We looked at the tickets we bought from Pasha Pasha and pulled a leather sigh and put a glass of cold water on it.

About an hour before the fireworks are thrown, the toys are closing down and starting to turn around dangerous areas. People gather in the square and watch fireworks every night at 10 o’clock. Although we watched the screaming screaming with our Little Travelers, they watched a lot of calm and looked at us with amazed amazement, “we were delighted that they just watched them”

Even pebbles asked, “Why do not these people have fun?” “We are too many children, or is not it something that pleases the fireworks?” I immediately ran out of these thoughts. Yes, I am a little child of my age, but why am I breathing if I am not having fun? If you do not get excited, you will tremble in this cold so you can watch fireworks. Enter the cage hot hot sit:

Many activities are available at Tivoli Gardens such as roller coaster, water show with music, horse ants, swings. In the park where you can ask yourself many times about the question that children will be able to play many games according to their size, “When will you be sick from the carousel?”, There are also very enjoyable toys for adults.

Do not go back to the oldest wooden roller coaster in the world, over 100 years old, where the attendant checks with a wooden handbrake. Live that excitement in the darkness of the big mountain 🙂 “I feel like I hear you say” Manually controlled roller coaster? ” Yes, I am very surprised, but it is driven by hand brake. We also enjoyed it.

Of course the great roller coaster’s taste is another. Leave it to the end so you do not get faint with your other binds. The most adrenaline-charged roller coaster, “Demon” in about half an hour in the queue after waiting for a ride with the Little Navigator and yelled as we went out. Despite the rain that runs into us, the wind that blows our faces, and the hat flying from our heads, we enjoy screaming screaming.

The swing at the height of 80 meters, “Star Flyer”, I think the park is the most beautiful, yet so eerie toy. I like adrenalini very much but I did not get in because I could not stop the nausea in the swinging things. I have to say that for children, Pebbles has been at least five times. If you want to see Copenhagen from the top and you are like the one who made the caprice of “I’ll be my sister in the rocky swing”, take the “Golden Tower”!

Before falling down from the elevator quickly, you are faced with a scene that cuts off your breath. Copenhagen looks terrific from the top! Take a deep breath, because you are clinging to the ground without knowing what it is.

Besides Tivoli park, there are many cafes and restaurants besides a variety of trees and amusement parks. Even though the prices are above average, “entertainment is hungry people, I will necessarily eat”; I would say that sausages are not very successful, Chinese food and hamburgers are nice. We consumed burgers from “Burger House”. Be prepared to say that the rate of salt in french fries is too high for the tongue burner. I felt the poisoning everywhere we ate potatoes in the big city.

But if you insist, “I will eat a restaurant like a man who has come all this way”, you can go to that famous Japanese restaurant “Det Japanske Taarn” where you see every photo about Tivoli Gardens and have a great feast. One of Copenhagen’s oldest restaurants, “A Hereford Beefstouw”, is worth a visit. Do not forget to book inside restaurants when you enter the park. Considering the per capita national income, eating at these restaurants is a crunchy snack for them 🙂 It might be your chance to find a place …

We would be unfair to compare this theme park with the theme parks we went to. It should be considered as a fun park and even a center of attraction for the city. Because in the heart of the city there is a social environment both for those living in Copenhagen and for a good time to visit. Having become one of the city’s most important pieces and symbols since the end of the 1800’s, Tivoli Park is not as fun as a theme park, of course, but it is quite enjoyable as a fun park.

This 80-acre park with its lush green parks, concert halls, cafeterias, amusement parks, is actually the place where Copenhagen’s heart is thrown! In the city where there is not much to do with children, it is certainly the place where the Little Traveler has the most beautiful time. I do not know whether it is cold weather or general situation, but the energy of the city is so low that both Pebble and what we have lied to have had a bad day. That’s why the energy in Tivolid has been good for us.
There was no concert on the square for New Year’s Eve. I guess this is a case of global terrorism. So we decided to spend time in Tivoli and enter the new year until midnight. The brilliant image of the Tivoli Gardens due to Christmastan, the warm wine and caramel smell spread out on the floors, the Christmas festivities on the trees have brought the park into a whole new climate, but if you look for Christmas, nothing special.

I do not know if my expectation is too high, but to find something special for Christmas, a little entertainment on the field, a little concert in open space. But there was no difference in the day we went before. Even fireworks exploded at night 10 as usual. We were not expecting it, but when we heard the voices, the sky was a lifeless sky. New Year’s Eve celebrations for us started early 🙂