Təzəpir məscidi (Azarbaycan)

Təzəpir məscidi (Azarbaycan)

The capital of Azerbaijan is a camel located in Baku. Its construction began in 1905 and was completed by 1914. The idea and financing of the glass belongs to Nebat Hanim Aşurbeyova (Aşurbeyli), an Azerbaijani philanthropist.

The construction of the mosque began in 1905 by the architect Ziver bey Ahmedbeyov with the order of Nabat Khanum Ashubeyova. The construction stopped after the death of Aşurbeyova. Shortly after, however, the construction was supported by his son and was completed in 1914.

Only three years after opening the mosque was closed in 1917 in connection with the October Revolution. [1] The mosque was used as a cinema and barn for many years and was reopened in 1943 as a mosque. Caminin today’s imam is the Caucasus Chief Mufti Allahşükür Paşazade. [2]

The interior of the glass has an area of ​​1400 m² and is adorned with examples from Azerbaijani painting schools and oriental ornaments. The height of the dome is one and a half meters. While the mosque is from the mihrab and dome marble, it is made of decorative elements, minarets and hills of plaques.

Word-i şehadet, written on the dome of the glass six times, is made of red stone.