Széchenyi Thermal Bath (Hungary)

The Széchenyi Bath is one of the largest medical spa complexes in Europe (offering 21 pools). It was opened in 1913 and has been a popular relaxation spot ever since.

There are outdoor and indoor pools, swimming pools, sitting pools and all of those are of various temperatures. You can also enjoy whirlpools, steam chambers, saunas or have a massage here. There is also a buffet and a restaurant located inside the complex so you do not need to worry about food at all.

You can get there easily by subway (line M1). The tickets can be bought either online or on the spot. Overall, it is a great place for relaxation in a beautiful complex with not only lovely pools and facilities but also an imposing architecture.

Do not forget to bring your swimsuit and towel with you (even though there is also a rental service) as well as all the cosmetics you prefer to use.