stuffed onion (Bosnia)

stuffed onion (Bosnia)

5 pieces of onion (for stuffing).
For Inside:

200 gr mincemeat,
1 cup of bulgur,
1 teaspoon rice,
1 cup onion onion
3 cloves of garlic,
2 soup spoon pomegranate sour,
1 tablespoon chili pepper,
1 sweet spice tomato paste,
1 pinch of parsley,
1 pinch of dill,
Black pepper,
Pulp pepper,
Dry mint,
Olive oil.
For Sauce:

2 cloves of garlic (grated),
1 sweet spice tomato paste,
1 teaspoon olive oil,
2 cups of water.

Onion filling technique

Peel the shells of 5 onions and cut them in half until they are not split.

Put the water in the pot and add 1 sweet spoonful of salt into it.

When the water boils, sprinkle the onions in boiling water and let it boil for 5-6 minutes, then remove it from the water and let it cool.

Let’s carefully separate the cold onions into their layers. If the internal parts are stiff, let the boiled bulbs re-boil for 2-3 minutes.

For the inside; bulgur and rice pudding, drain the water and put it in a bowl.

Add onion, garlic, parsley and dill to the top.

Then add the ingredients, poultices, pomegranate syrup, spices, salt and olive oil.

Put some sweet spice in the tip of the onions you put on your layers and put it in a mortar.

When all the onions are finished, the end portions of the onions will come to the bottom of the pot.

For sauce; I put olive oil in a pan and heat it.

I add garlic on it and cook until it smells.

Then add the shrot and combine for 2-3 minutes.

Finally, let’s add water and salt from the quarry.

Pour the sauce on the onions and put a stuffed stone or plate on the onions. (not to open the fills)

When you start to boil, take a low heat and cook for 45-50 minutes.

Serve our onions and serve them hot.