Santa Claus (Finland)

Santa Claus  (Finland)



Santa Claus; winter, happiness, gifts and endless joy. So what if we tell you Santa Claus is a village in Finland? If you want your new year’s spell to last for the semester break with the bells, deer and tonton Santa Claus, it’s time for you to enter the coverage area of ​​the Arctic Circle.
You are welcome to the village of Santa Claus, with a blossom face, red clothes and cotton beard. You are in the home of the white snow, the reindeer and the Santa Claus Amusement Park. The village of Rovaniemi, Finland, 8 kilometers away, is 2 kilometers from Rovaniemi airport. You can reach the village of Santa Claus with a 30 minute bus journey from the airport.
What to do in Santa Claus Village?
Your children are the right place to spend an exciting semester break. You will have a pleasant time with your family, you will get tired of school and work, and finally you will have quality time with your children. In the village of Santa Claus, which will draw you into the family with the fairy world; cotton snow, reindeer, sled dogs, and as much red as possible.
The Arctic Line is inside Santa Claus Village and painted as a white line. Visitors will officially step into the North Pole when they cross this line. Do not forget to take a souvenir photo with your children on this line, which is a popular tourist spot.
Santa Claus Post Office
Where do you think Santa keeps so many gifts? Of course at the Santa Claus post office! In this shopping center where you can find all kinds of lovely gift items for the new year, there are many gift alternatives for your friends as well as your friends after the trip.
Santa Claus’s Office
What do you say we visit Santa Claus in his office?
What do you say we visit Santa Claus in his office?

Not until you come to Santa Claus’s village and visit him! You can visit Santa Claus in his office in the middle of the village and you can enjoy a pleasant chat with him. Santa Claus is not always in your office, so it’s a good idea to check your office hours before your visit.
Santa Claus Amusement Park
Santa Claus Amusement Park, founded in 1998, is carved into a giant rock. It is one of the most popular places in the Lapland area. In the amusement park you can join the lessons with Santa Claus, watch cheerful shows, join the magical sleigh tour in the park, and visit the gingerbread cookie kitchen.