Ruka (Finland)

Ruka (Finland)

Ruka is a ski resort and village near Kuusamo in the Oulu province of northern Finland.

Rukatunturis highest point is 492 meters. The longest run in the mountain is 1300 meters. In winter Ruka is the place to be for people who love winter sports. In summer time Ruka welcomes people to enjoy the beautiful nature, for example as a base for hiking the Karhunkierros trail or shorter hikes in the Ruka area.


Ruka Ski resort

Ruka is part of the Kuusamo municipality, with the centre Kuusamo some 23 km to the south.

Get in

Best way to get to Ruka is to fly to Kuusamo and take the Airport bus to Ruka. If you want to come by train from southern Finland, the nearest train stations are in OuluRovaniemi and Kemijärvi (you can bring the car on the train to these destinations); also Kajaani may be an option. From there, take a bus to Kuusamo. Driving from destinations in southern Finland will take around 10 hours.


The new Ruka Pedestrian Village was finished in November 2010. You can now walk to the slopes from the hotels without any crossings. Also Talvijärvi is close to the slopes. Accommodations can be some 5 km away, more suitable for those coming for cross-country skiing or other activities.


Aurora borealis

The views of Valtavaara are well-known. Also the views from Juhannuskallio and from Konttainen are very nice. You can also enjoy the views from Rukatunturi. In Juhannuskallio there are also caves, the biggest known as Pirunkirkko (“Devil’s church”).

  • Fell Konttainen407 meters, about half a kilometre from Karhunkierros Trail
  • Fell Pyhävaara461 meters, you need a special license to get there.
  • Fell Rukatunturi500 meters, Karhunkierros Trail starts from here.
  • Fell Valtavaara491 meters, Surmankuru gorge (40 meters) is located here, on the north side.


Cross-country skiing, mid-day in February

In winter the ski resort is the main thing to do in Ruka. There is also a large cross-country skiing route network (90 km). In summer the beautiful nature provides a lot to do, e.g. visiting Valtavaara-Pyhävaara Nature Reserve.

Programme services[edit][add listing]

Reindeer ride


  • K-Market RukaRukanriutta 3, 93825 Rukatunturi +358 8-868 19108-21Groceries store in Ruka.
  • S-Market RukaRukanriutta 7, 93825 Rukantunturi +358 1076 332228-21, Sat 8-18, Sun 12-18Another groceries store in Ruka.
  • K-Market RukankyläRukankyläntie 8, 93825 Rukantunturi10-18A small groceries store on in the Ruka Pedestrian Village.
  • Shopping Center Kumpare (Kauppakeskus Kumpare), Rukakyläntie 8, Rukatunturi +358 8 86002509.30-19Here you can find the Ruka info, Internet terminals, WLAN, groceries store, Alko (liquor store), souvenir shops, gym, child park etc.
  • RukaStoreRukatunturintie 13, 93825 Rukatunturi +358 400 101 61510-19Here you can find high-quality equipment and clothing for winter sports.
  • Riipisen Wild Game and Souvenir ShopRukakyläntie 8, 93825 Rukatunturi +358 40-166234010-17This is the place to buy your wild game souvenirs.


View from a café on top of Kumpuvaara fell near Ruka.

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Sleep[add listing]

Cottage in Ruka

  • Rukakeskus Oy (RukaPyhä Ski-Inn), Rukatunturintie 9 +358 8 860-0300, e-mail: .
    • Ski-Inn RukaSuitesRukakyläntie 8 +358 8 860-0300Check-in: 18:00, check-out: 15:00RukaSuites apartments are located in the village of Ruka. They are in walking distance from the slopes. Apartments are made specially for skiers.
    • Ski-Inn AurinkorinneHiihtokouluntie 16–18 +358 8 860-0290Check-in: 18:00, check-out: 15:00Apartments are located 400 meters from RukaVillage. The nearest slope Talvijärvi is right next to the apartments. from 65 euros per night in the summer to 620 euros per week in the winter.
    • Ski-Inn Hotel RukaVillageRukakyläntie 6 +358 8 860-0300, e-mail: Especially for skiing travellers. Each room has cooking facilities.
    • MastonAitio CabinsRinnekyläntie 3 +358 8 860-0300Cabins are great for active families. Kids ski area and a rope tow lift is located near the cabins. For example winter weeks from 565 euros.
  • Chalet Ruka PeakJuhannuskalliontie 27A +358 8 868-4100Check-in: 16:00, check-out: 12:00A boutique hotel on the top of Ruka Fell. Every room has large windows and the views are beautiful. Some rooms have a private jacuzzi.
  • RukaTonttuHiihtostadionintie 1 +38 40-199-1100, e-mail: Hotel is located right next to hiking trails, ski-tracks and slopes. There is direct access to Talvijärvi lake for those who like swimming. Also restaurant, sauna, equipment rental and programme services. Apartments available also in the village and at lake Vuosseli 5 km from the slopes but close to skiing and snowmobiling tracks. From 68 to 150 euros.
  • Hotel Royal RukaMestantie 1Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00This is the luxury five star hotel in Ruka area. You can also arrange conferences in the hotel (max. 65 persons). €125–190/night.
  • Rukan SalonkiKemijärventie 235 +358 40-534-9183High quality chalets by lake Salonkijärvi, 2 km from Ruka.
  • Matkailumaja HeikkalaTalvijärventie 10 +358 40-554-4892Check-in: 16:00, check-out: 12:0014 cottages and 7 rooms next to the lake Talvijärvi. Kids can walk straight to the slopes of Ruka. from 35 euros to 180 euros per night.
  • Rukajärven LomamajatRukajärventie 60 +358 8 868-1170Different sizes cottages and three villas by the Lake Vuosseljärvi near Ruka. from 95 to 250 euros.
  • 1 Ruka Golden CottagePilkkikuja 1–3 +358 400 491099250 m² chalet, accommodating up to 10 people. Beautiful views toward Ruka ski slopes. From 400 to 600 euros per night.
  • Hotel Rantasipi RukahoviRukakyläntie 15 +358 8 859-10The hotel is located in the middle of Ruka ski resort. Hotel has twin rooms, superior panorama rooms, suites, one room for disabled and apartments for 3–6 persons.