Rostonsült libamáj (Hungary)

Rostonsült libamáj (Hungary)
600 gr goose down
Salt, black pepper
4 tablespoon flour
4 tablespoons oil
2 red apples
2 green apples
2 sweet spoon butter
200 ml (a glass of water) sweet Tokaji wine (Aszú or Szamorodni)
The recipe given is for 4 people. We cut length of length of 1 cm in thickness (8 pieces). We sprinkle salt and pepper on top and lightly flourish. We also slice apples, we remove the seeds from the center.
We prepare a single serving each time. We pour oil in a pot and pour 1 tablespoon oil. We put 2 goose chops on it and cook it up a little brown. Cook carefully. It should not stay in the blood. It is enough that you cook both sides of the insulator every minute. We put the pieces of liver into a tray.
In the same oil, we cook half of our apples, then we put it next to the liver. We pour 50 ml of wine onto the remaining oil and prepare a soft sauce with butter to half a dessert spoon. After serving our sausage to the liver, we warmly serve it with any garnish (this time I made with potato roots). Prepare the dishes the same way each time.