Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)

Neuschwanstein Castle  (Germany)

Neuschwanstein castle or Neuschwanstein castle (German: Schloss Neuschwanstein, nɔʏʃvaːnʃtaɪ̯n) is a 6-storey 19th century Neo-romanticism architectural style built on a steep hill near the town of Hohenschwangau near Füssen, Germany’s Bavarian province. Today it is one of the stops of Romantische Straße which connects Würzburg and Füssen.

King of Bavaria II. Designed by Ludwig as the Neue Burg Hohenschwangau by the palace painter Christian Jank, the construction began on September 5, 1869 and it became possible to sit in 1886.

II. Besides Ludwig Neuschwanstein, he started the construction of the Linderhof Castle and Herrenchiemsee Castle and planned the Falkenstein Castle. Such unnecessary expenditure II. Lutwig was imprisoned in Berg Castle on the edge of Lake Starnberg and died on the edge of the lake.