Mişoriz (Albania)

Mişoriz (Albania)

750 gr boned sheep meat (can also be made with chicken)

2 cups of brass

3 cups of meat juice

1 carrot

1 piece of onion

1 large tomato

salt, pepper

1 tablespoon butter (can be increased according to fat ratio of meat)


Let’s boil the meat for about 40 minutes.

Add hot water and salt over the rice and let it sit for half an hour. Let’s cook with oil, small chopped carrots and onions. Add some tomato rinds and black pepper. Add the rice and salt to the water and wash it with water. Add the meat and cook it in a 170 c oven. According to Arzuya, serve it by sprinkling finely chopped mayonnaise. You can cook it in tencerede by placing the meat in the pot.