Leipziger Allerlei (Leipzig)

Leipziger Allerlei (Leipzig)

Ingredients Leipziger Allerlei

1 small cauliflower
250 g asparagus
250 g green beans
250 g peas (fresh or frozen)
250 g carrots (small ones)
250 g mushrooms
50 g butter
30 g flour
½ liter vegetable broth (instant organic cubes) or the cooking water from the vegetables
3 tbsp heavy cream, 25 g butter
salt, nutmeg, sugar, white pepper (optional: parsley, chervil)


– Wash the vegetable.
– Break cauliflower apart.
– Peel asparagus and cut in 2 inches pieces.
– Clean beans and cut them in smaller pieces.
– Peel fresh peas; cut carrots in smaller pieces. slice mushrooms.
– Boil every vegetable separate in salt water until the vegetable is a bit soft (al dente, that means it needs to be a bit crunchy)
– Drain the boiled vegetable and keep it warm.
– Melt butter and add flour, stir continuously ( no clumps), then add vegetable broth and bring it too a boil. Add heavy cream and butter, spice with salt, nutmeg, white pepper to taste and a dash of sugar.
– Now mix the vegetable with the sauce and serve it in a warm bowl or on a platter. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and chervil.

Serve it with veal or pork chops, Wiener Schnitzel or veal schnitzel.