Leaning Tower of Pisa (İtaly)

Leaning Tower of Pisa (İtaly)

One of the most iconic landmarks in the entire Italy, this tower stands to prove that sometimes, even the impossible can be made to happen.

Works on this seven-floors-high tower started in 1173. Soon after, in 1178, it became evident that the tower had started to tilt due to the unstable ground underneath. This led to momentarily giving up on the effort.

The construction started anew nearly a century later and finally drew to a close in 1319. By then, the architectural style had changed from Romanesque to Gothic, which can be seen on the tower’s design.

The tower never stopped moving downwards until the final reconstruction in 2001. Then the structure was stabilized, and so today, it is completely safe to climb it.

When visiting, keep in mind that it is forbidden to carry bags into the tower. There is a nearby cloakroom available, though. There also tend to be long lines before the entry. If you wish to avoid these, purchase the tickets online ahead of time. Tickets have to be bought for a specific time.