Kongens Nytorv (Denmark)

Kongens Nytorv (Denmark)

King’s New Square

Local nameKongens Nytorv
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark

Located in the heart of the city, this square is one of the loveliest as well as liveliest places you could visit in Copenhagen. It is currently affected by the construction of a nearby metro station, which is scheduled to continue until 2018, so not much is to be seen there.

With its history starting as early as the mid-17th century, the square features many architecturally beautiful and interesting houses along its main area paved by cobblestone. It also showcases the oldest equestrian statue, which is at the same time also the oldest sculpture of a royal in the whole of Scandinavia. The statue, made in 1688, showed the popular king Christian V, dressed in the garment that victorious generals wore for celebration in ancient Rome, riding a horse.

During the winter season, a large ice-skating rink springs up on the square. Skate rental is available and skating here is for free. In summer, there is a flea market every Saturday approximately from 10 am to 5 pm.