Kehlsteinhaus (Germany)

Kehlsteinhaus (Germany)

The Kehlsteinhaus (known as the Eagle’s Nest in English-speaking countries) is a small pavilion built as an extension of the Obersalzberg complex, built by the Nazis in the mountains near Berchtesgaden. It is the house Martin Bormann built as a 50th birthday gift to Adolf Hitler. The Kehlstein House carries the name of the 1,834-meter peak that it is built upon. He was given the nickname of the Eagle’s Nest by a French diplomat.

In order to gain access to the Kehlsteinhaus, a tunnel extending into the center of the mountain entered and there they boarded the escort, which brought them to the Eagle Nest, 35 stories high. The Kehlsteinhaus was a reception room and kitchen, but the place where it was located made Kehlsteinhaus an extraordinary place. The fact that Kehlsteinhaus was a circle and the presence of windows all around offered a stunning mountain view that would dissolve the mind.

Hitler himself has traveled to this house very little (about 10 times) for reasons such as fear of lightning and fear of height, often staying for a few hours when he comes here. Eva, Eva Braun and the highest-ranking SS executives were welcomed. Hitler’s favor was again Berghof in Obersalzberg in Berteschgaden. On June 3, 1944, Eva Braun’s sister, Gretl Braun, and SS general and Hermann Fegelein of Himmler were married here. This wedding was taken to the records.

Kehlsteinhaus is often called Hitler’s Tea House, but this is an inappropriate name. Hitler did not use the Kehlsteinhaus as a tea house. Hitler liked to drink tea in the tea garden Mooslahnerkopf Teehaus around here.

Four days after Hitler’s suicide, SS soldiers fired the villa on May 4, 1945. Hours later, the US 3rd Infantry Division and the French 2nd Armored Division were in Berchtesgaden. In the next few days the house was looted by fully allied soldiers.