• Ingredients :
  1. 500 g of corn flour
  2. 1 l of water
  3. 1 small spoon of salt
  4. 1 small spoon of fat 
    • Preparation :

    1.  Pour 1 l of water into an average deep pan, add 1 small spoon of salt and cook it until the water starts to boil.
    2.  Into the boiling water slowly pour the corn flour, piece by piece, continuously whisking  with a wooden ladle, thus preventing to form unwanted corn flour lumps. Add the salt according to taste during the cooking process.

     – Mweaken the cooking temperature and cook it for about twenty minutes more, continuously whisking the content in a pan, until it gets wanted density. Some people like it more densely, and some like it subtile.

    4.  Turn off the stove plate switch and leave the cooked hominy on a hot stove plate for about 1/2 an hour more before serving.

    • Serving :

    Although, known as a food of poor people in the past, there were periods of time when the Serbian hominy had been served for higher society, the men of sort, even on the court too (like on the Serbian King’s Milutin court). Depending on whom it was served for, depending on their taste also, many different combinations of additional components were served to enrich the taste of the hominy like: cheese, kaymak, cold milk, sour milk, yogurt, butter, fried bacon, Serbian dry ham (pršuta). Excellent contribution to various vegetables, meat, fish etc. or could be used as stand alone meal several times a week.
    This is a very delicious and nourishing meal, it had survived for centuries and still lives on. Enjoy in it, in various occasions: breakfast, lunch or dinner, on family or friends gatherings, even on the Easter celebrations. Richard Gere consumes and recommends to everyone The  hominy (kačamak) as an healthy food. Try it, enjoy it, you woldn’t be sorry!