Jordaan District (Holland)

Jordaan District (Holland)

Originally a poor district, this neighbourhood nowadays houses numerous art galleries, shops and restaurants in its streets. It is also a great place to just take a walk in.

Its development started during the 17th century by the construction of housing facilities for the working class. Do not expect to find any decrepit houses here today, though. Jordaan has become one of the trendiest and most famous Amsterdam districts.

Despite its popularity, the district is also quiet and calm. It is a lot less crowded than the city center. You can easily find an empty spot in one of the narrow streets and just enjoy yourself in peace here.

The charming banks of canals offer great spots for walks or relaxation with many colorful pubs and restaurants near them. Some of the pubs will let you take your drinks all the way to the canals.

Outside canals and shops, do not miss Jordaan’s outdoor markets with differently themed days. There is a flea market on Mondays and a farmersā€˜ market on Saturdays. In September, the Jordaan Festival takes place here with plenty of beer and Dutch folk music.