Fliya (Albania)

Fliya (Albania)

2 kilo of flour
Some water
500 gr cream or yogurt
250 gr butter
Half cup Half cup oil


Flour, water, and salt are taken in a bowl and then thoroughly kneaded until the resulting kiwi is smooth. We should show up without any lumps. We prepare a mortar by kneading in a new bowl or mixing our slip, melt our butter and liquid oil. We will adjust the height of our hair according to the height of our hair. Fliya is a long time to bloom. The point we need to pay attention is not the bottom but the top. You can have a better taste in wood fire than you do at home.

Thoroughly rub the paper as you pass through the cooking process. We spread our burnt borek pellets with the help of a scoop of a scoop and spread it out as a snowflake. Cover the top and fry for 4 to 5 minutes. This time the other part of the oven is cooked. After the spreading process is finished, bake a piece of cake in the form of a cupboard, corresponding to the empty portions. Repeat this process until enough thickness is reached. It takes a lot of time to deal with the desired thickness by renewing the kats every time and casting the wastes. It’s a business flick that you can have at least 3 hours. But if you can keep the taste, you can have a fritter banquet feast. You can rest for half an hour while serving the greenhouse, you can cut it in the shape of a uglier. It is my recommendation to consume honey, jams and desserts.

Bon Appetit