Drina (Bosnia)

Drina (Bosnia)

Drina (Bosnian and Serbian: Дрина, Drina) is the name of the largest branch of the River Sava, 346 km long, in the Balkans.


Drina River map with Tuna and Sava
One came from the merger of Durmitor and the other Piva and Tara streams from the Komovi mountains. The river is not suitable for traffic on the sloping ground. However, it is often used to float logs. Most of them form the border between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Drina is a river with very fast flowing, cold and green water.

Average depth is 3-5 meters. The deepest place of 12 meters is in Tijesno.

Drina’s average width is 50-60 meters. However, while the width falls to 12-20 meters in Tijesno, in Bajina Bašta and Ljubovija (Serbia) the width is over 200 meters.