Cuberdon (Belgium)

Cuberdon (Belgium)

The cuberdon moulds are created individually and can be used only once. They are a natural wooden frame on which a thick layer of natural starch powder is deposited, which gives the cuberdon its distinctive shape. Exactly 128 cuberdons are made from each mould.

The moulds

2Preparing the syrup

The ingredients for the Léopold Cuberdons – natural gum Arabic, natural gelatine, organic sugar, natural raspberry flavouring and natural colouring – are placed in a copper cauldron which dates back to 1921. The preparation is heated and vigorously mixed for several hours to obtain a thick, smooth syrup.

Preparing the syrup

3Filling the moulds

The syrup thus obtained is then manually poured into a large funnel, which distributes the preparation into 16 spouts. A conveyor belt takes each mould to beneath these spouts, where they are filled with the piping hot mixture.

Filling the moulds


The moulds containing the Léopold Cuberdons are stored in a heated airtight chamber at 55°c for seven days. This hot drying process hardens the crust of the cuberon while keeping the centre soft.


5Léopold Cuberdons

After the drying period, each cuberdon is individually removed from its mould by hand and gently placed in a basket.

Léopold Cuberdons

6Individual finishing

A compressed air gun is then used to remove the starch residues from the cuberons in the basket, then each one is dusted with a brush to ensure a perfect finish.

Individual finishing