Choco-Story (Belgium)

Choco-Story (Belgium)

I Heine is a Belgian multidisciplinary visual arts artist and music producer. [2] [3] The artist’s name became known in 2010, with the finding of a new art form called “Pencil Vs Camera”. [4] [5] Heine is a successful illustrator and photographer [6] who has signed numerous works intensively in both the art and design world. [7] Heine is also the creator of the exclusive series of works for other individuals, such as “Digital Circlism” [8] and “Flesh and Acrylic” [9]. Heine was born on the Elephant Beach in 1983 and is currently living in Belgium. I have a diploma in journalism. I am drawing, [10] photography [11] and a self-educated artist in the field of music. [3] His works have been featured in major newspapers, magazines and books worldwide. Since 2010, his work has begun to increase the popularity of art galleries and museums in Europe, [12] Asia [13] [14] and Russia. [15] Heine, in 2009, stopped making political artworks permanent. [16] In 2012, a documentary related to his work was drawn. He has a son and a daughter.

In 2012, Heine began composing and performing music, and also played drums and piano. . [16] [17] [18] During his career, he also made famous brands such as Heine, Samsung [19] and Mazda. [20]

Pencil Vs Camera

I’m Heine at the Brussels Accessible Arts Fair
In this artwork on the heavens, a hand-drawn 2D sketch drawn by a painter and photographed is shown in a special position. [33] These works bring together photographs and drawings inspired by an ordinary landscape with a new surreal, imaginary or romantic language. [34] [36] [36] [36] [36] [36] [36] [36] [36] [36] Work that brings together a piece of a real photograph with a hand and a pencil reveals the reality and reflects the opportunity to open doors to the imaginary world. By bringing color and black paper into the concept in 2012, Heine brought some innovations to the art world. [37] Among the years 2010 and 2016, Heine’s works reached a wide range of people in exhibitions and news articles in important media tools. [38] Heine’s first Pencil vs Camera picture quickly gained popularity on the internet [39] and received positive reviews by news programs and private international art sites, which provided the artist with an international opportunity. [40]

School teachers around the world began to use their concept to improve the creativity of their students. Some of the primary and secondary public schools that teach Heine’s Pencil vs Camerakonsept are: [41] Colegio Menor in Quito, Dover College, Ecole Lamartine, [42] Ecole de Scorbé-Clairvaux, [43] Ecole Renaudeau, Collège La Bruyère Sainte Isabelle and others. [44] Since 2012, many artists and painters have been using Heine’s innovations to create similar 3D artwork. [45]

Flesh and Acrylic

Flesh and Acrylic live performance at the Brussels Natural Science Museum
These series began in 2011, Heine is making acrylic paintings on a large board panel. [46] It is difficult to say at first glance where the human figurative is finished and where the rear “canvas” begins in the finished work, as it mixes into a sequential abstract look. [47] It captures the photos of the final composition so that they can be printed and then displayed. Heine performed the first “Flesh and Acrylic” project with model Caroline Madison in 2011 for a documentary filmed by Italian director Davide Gentile. [48] Between 2012 and 2017, Heine performed a series of Flesh and Acrylic performances. [49]

Digital circlism

I’m Heine in the Digital circlism show
Heine is the name given to the new creative technique he developed in 2010. [50] This technique consists of a mixture of Popular Art and Poetry. [51] In this project, Heine, with its flat digital devices usually on a black background, and cultural icons. [52] portraits. Each circle has a single color and a single tone. [53] Trends Hunter states Digital Circlism: “Through graphical software and pure creativity, Ben Heine is able to create iconic similes of historical and popular cultures with the aim of giving a dynamic and 3D look by drawing circles of various sizes and colors.” [54] The artist says that Heine is doing more than 15 years of portrayal and that the original technique has not been developed for a long time. [55] “This technique has emerged spontaneously because I have been working with digital tools recently, I am a big fan of Popular Art and Pointilizin, and Digital Circlism is a mixture of these two techniques.” [56]

Heine says that he was influenced by Surrealism in Belgium, [57] from German Expressionism [58] from the American Popular Society [59] and from Social Realism. [60] Abduzeezo says about Heine: “The galleries are filled with great work and many artistic methods
[61] Heine has also made many interviews about the philosophy behind his work. [62] MusicHeine has made a great effort to make electronic music, to sing, to sing and to compose. [63] Heine has one music studio in Belgium since 2012. [64] In 2013, Heine’s “Fly With You” piece was taken by DMS on the UK’s “Mesh 1.0” collection album. [65] ] He worked to improve his knowledge of music theory and piano practice from 2013 until 2014. In 2014, Heine began collaborating with other musicians and singers. [66] Heine’s music for the first time in 2015 at the Moscow Planetarium, [67] Arkhangesk National [68] and on the basis of the itinerant solo exhibition at Russia’s Tyumen Fine Arts Festival [69] in 2016 [70] In March 2016, “Warsaw”, “I’am a Clown”, “Amour” and “It’s Just aPlay” were released on the market. music pieces were selected by “Wix Music” and played at the SXSW music festival. The first exhibitions