card (Kazakhistan)

card (Kazakhistan)


Karta: 100 Gr
Dried onion: 1 Medium Size
Peas: 2 Cooking Sauce
Dried dill: 1 Sweet Spoon
Salt: As much as

The bowel of the year is thoroughly cleaned, washed with cold water. It hangs in a cool place. If there is a tab, it sticks and smells.
Put the water in the pot, the intestines are thrown into the lid, the low heat is boiled until the cooked.
It is taken from water, chilled, shredded with a sharp knife and lined flat. It is served on ring-chopped onion, peas and dried dill.


The card can be stored salted or kept in a smoke. If you want to keep salting; salted and allowed to stand for 1-2 days in cool place, then iple connect and hang from both ends. If you want to keep it by dumana, it is dried for 1 day or 12-18 hours by keeping it in the water, then hanging for 2- 3 days.
Horseshoe: A horse fed to eat. These horses are not used for other purposes.