Ateşgah (Azarbaycan)

Ateşgah (Azarbaycan)

Fire is one of the three Majestic temples in the world. [1] Baku is located 30 km away from the southeastern part of Abasheron peninsula. The word “fire” means fire fever. 16-18. The emergence of natural gas in the 20th century is a fire mosque that is believed to have burned eternal dead fire once. The barn, which is the earliest structure of the mabed, belongs to 1713. The central secdegah was built by merchant Kançanagaran in 1810. [2]

Architectural features and history
The fireworks are similar to city inns according to their nature. It reflects traditions of fire temples spread in Azerbaijan since the media period. But it also features the characteristics of some Indian temples. [2] There is a constantly burning fire in the middle of the Mabedin. According to the legend, this was a natural fire and now it is burned with natural gas. There are small rooms around fire burning in the fireplace. A small window of these rooms still sees fire. The Zoroastrians who came here for the pilgrimage used to stay in these rooms, watch the fire constantly from the window, and perform their worship by doing various tangles.

Those who believe in the religion of Zoroastrian at Athewgah who visited the flood of visitors on the day of 21st of March Nevruz visit the now converted rooms used as ryes in the past period. [3] Sanskrit written inscriptions were hanged on the entrance door of each room. These books were not translated into Azerbaijani Turkic language, only Persian translations were written under one book. [4] The Ateshgah, which was used as the temple of the Mecs until the 7th century, was the place of the caravans passing through here. Ateşgah, who is very sacred according to Mecus, lost importance in the 7th century when the Azeri did not accept Islam, but until the nineteenth century a priest continued to serve here.

Cultural influences

Persian majlis praying in the fireworks
Azerbaijan is said to have taken its name from these fires. According to this, Azerbaijan means “odlar dormitory”. When Azerbaijan accepted Islam, the Zoroastrians migrated from here to India, and some of them disintegrated into other countries. Even today, India is the place where people come to visit. The fire is still important in Azerbaijan.