Amalfi Coast (İtaly)

Amalfi Coast (İtaly)
Amalfi coast

This marvellous stretch of nature and picturesque towns is a popular tourist destination in Italy. There are, in total, 13 towns around the coast, the most recognisable of them being Amalfi.

The towns and villages are known for finding their own special ways to use the land they were given. Since the area is pretty rocky and not easy to work with in terms of agriculture and living, the locals built their houses on the rocks and connected them together by stairs and narrow streets. These villages are also known for terraced vineyards and highland pastures.

Thanks to the unique architectonic style, various artistic details and the way these villages are built, they became a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

People usually get here by car or by a bus. If you get motion sick easily, take some precautions, because the roads have many twists and turns and are not for the faint-hearted. On the other hand, once you get here, you will have an unbelievably beautiful view of the coast and sea that you will hardly ever forget.